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SerVision's Video Surveillance Solution
SerVision, founded in 2000, has developed the world’s first fully integrated, wirelessly enabled video monitoring and surveillance platform that integrates highly sophisticated video processing and computer viewing with state-of-the-art cellular / wireless communications. SerVision’s products are based on the latest TI DSP technology equipped with unique video processing algorithms that communicate to PDAs or cellular
phones through a Linux-based communications controller. SerVision’s systems incorporate state-of-the-art MPEG-4 video streams especially optimized for low Bit rates with transport protocols that support GPRS, CDMA and HSCSD. This combination enables one to view high quality video on cellular phones, PDAs and personal computers.

The SVG surveillance system supports multiple camera monitoring, full motion detection capability,and remote handheld connectivity. It also features stand-alone operation, high quality video recording and full PTZ control.
The SVG series is scalable and supports multiple cameras connected to a single server. Each video channel has motion detection capability and supports alarm triggered video recording. The Gateway supports pre and post alarm information. Market segments, include military, government, corporate/enterprise and private homes.

SerVision’s advanced DSP-based video processing technology together with it’s advanced utilization of cellular networks place SerVision in the forefront of the video security and surveillance industry. SerVision places a special emphasis on its compact architecture that supports multiple resolution, parallel encoding, ensuring high-detail viewing at a later stage of transmitted events.

Value Proposition
SerVision firmly states that it is the first international company to offer a highly integrated enterprise video server for monitoring and surveillance applications using wireless and cellular networks. SerVision uses the most current hardware and video compression technology (TI’s 6415 DSP and MPEG-4) to provide the highest picture quality that is available in today’s market (up to 15 FPS over cellular networks and up to 25 FPS over wireless networks).

The following represent typical applications where the SVG family of products is used:
• Mobile Applications: Cash in transit, police/security response vehicles, traffic monitoring, cargo and freight monitoring/logistics management etc.
• Campus/Enterprise Security: Guards equipped with PDAs or phones have full mobility without
compromising their viewing access. Wireless LANs can be used to reduce costs and improve quality.
• Industry and Utilities: water, gas, oil, power, mines, banks, ATM's, telcos and unmanned sites.
• Manufacturing facilities, Small Office/Home Office.
• Private home monitoring (security, children's safety, as well as personal possessions).
• Remote monitoring of holiday Homes.

SerVision’s Client
• Server connection and the opening of a video session for viewing
• Video stream configuration: bit rate, video quality, etc.
• Event configuration for triggering a notification (SMS, e-mail, etc.)
• Decryption of encrypted streams
• Easy on-image control for PTZ cameras

The SVG-400 features a compact package that is appropriate for space and power constrained applications, as well as mobile applications, supporting up to 4 cameras, delivering video to cellular-connected PDAs and PCs. Built-in DSP processing delivers MPEG-4 quality video to cellular based applications while the robust user interface allows full remote PTZ control (if supported by the camera), viewing events, and video playback based on a specified recording time and date.

The SVG-1000 is a modular, scaled-up version of SVG-400, featuring 4-16 camera support in an efficient 2U, 3U or 4U enclosure. The SVG-1000 is based on the same advanced DSP processing for MPEG-4 video delivery to PDAs and PCs, while offering expanded storage capability of up to 4 x 120GB disks.
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