Wireless Solutions
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Microcontrollers, TCP-IP, Mil 1553, Speech on Chip,
Power line and RF Transmission, MPEG4 Solutions, System on Chip, GPS, Highly dense memory,
Rugged LCD etc....
VME and PCI boards, Spread Spectrum Transceivers,
Wireless Ethernet and USB, Development Tools,
DSP Solutions, Real Time Video etc...

About Us

1) Company Established

September 1989

2) Business Activities

Importation, distribution, and design in of specialised semiconductors, modules and subsystems for commercial, industrial, and defence applications.
Supply and support of applications and development software for the above.

3) Managing Members

A) Hedley Brest

  • National Diploma (Electrical Engineering Low Current) at National Technikon 1978.
  • Hands on Design and Development Experience on financial terminals and other related equipment (6 Years).
  • Field applications, sales engineering and department managerial experience including: Bit slice, Memory, DSP, Graphics, CCD, EPLD, and other VLSI semiconductors and Development Systems Products.
  • 1989 Establishment Of TMS

B) Mike Holtzman


  • BSc Electronics Engineering 1975
  • Microprocessor based hardware and software design (10 years),
    incorporating various electronics disciplines such as:process control,
    instrumentation, telecommunications and DSP.
  • Technical manager for local Texas Instruments distributor.
  • Responsible for all hi-tech products including DSP, Memory, Microcontrollers, FPGA’s, ASIC’s and other programmable products.
  • Responsible for the design in of the largest ASIC, DSP and Microcontroller projects in South Africa for Texas Instruments.
  • 1995 joined TMS as managing member

    4) Active Markets

Digital set top box decoder manufacturers
Defence Avionics
Defence systems
Personal Computer OEM’s
Remote Metering
OEM Security
Telecommunications equipment and instrument manufacturers
Radar and Sonar manufacturers
Mining research labs.
Financial terminal manufacturers
General equipment manufacturers (OEM’s)
Research and development
Other Industrial Markets
Personal Computer OEM’s
Financial Terminals

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