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1     ASOKA USA Corporation (USA)   www.asokausa.com
          Ethernet and USB power socket plug in network adapter
          rf network access point
2   INTELLON  (USA)   www.intellon.com
        14.4 Mb/s powerline based communication / networking  
       devices and solutions 
3       L S RESEARCH  (USA)   
          rf transceiver modules ( 400-900 MHZ)
          Complete spread spectrum rf transciever modules
          Rf design capability  
4   MAXSTREAM  (USA)   www.MaxStream.net
          2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum transceivers
          Complete industrialsed units with Antenna's
          OEM module form
5   SerVision  (USA)    www.tms/servision.com
Real time video streaming
Performance of up to 15FPS over PDA
        or mobile devices
Supports multiple cameras,motion detection,
       and high quality video recording
6   WIZNET  (Korea)   www.wiznet.co.kr
          Hardware embedded TCP/IP  devices and gateway modules for 
      internet access or remote control.
7      XEMICS  (Switzerland)  www.xemics.com
          Very low power GPS solution
          Lowest Power microprocessor
          Low power micro with sensor circuit interface
          Low power  audio codec
          Low power Single chip Data transceiver
          Miniature data transceiver modules
          Complete data  rf transceiver module  
8    Pegasustech  (USA)   www.pegasustech.com
RF modules
Low power Spread Spectrum Transceivers
RF Solutions

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