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1     ABATRON (Switzerland) A  www.abatron.ch
JTAG/BDM on chip emulators for various microprocessors:

          CPU16/32/32+, PPC, 5xx/8xx, ColdFire, ARM, M-CORE,
2   Alliance Memory Inc.  (USA)   www.alliancememory.com
          Low cost fast SRAM devices
3     ARC International  (Canada)   www.arc.com
          Precise MQX  DSP, PPC, and other processor RTOS
          Extensive embedded TCP/IP support  for TI  DSP's
          Metaware ARM and other microprocessor
  software Development tools

          Hardware and software teledatacom products

5     ASOKA USA Corporation (USA)   www.asokausa.com
          Ethernet and USB power socket plug in network adapter.
          RF network access point.
6     DDC (USA)   www.ddc-web.com
          Mil-1553, Arinc 429, interface devices and boards.
          Motion feedback devices  and boards (syncro/resolver to   
      digital, digital to syncro/resolver)
          Power Control/Motor Drives
7     DEI  ( USA)   www.deiaz.com
          ARINC429 transceivers and line drivers
          Analog arrays - low volume/cost semicustom  analog circuits
          Avionics application specific devices 
8     DSPR (USA)   www.dspr.com
          MPEG4 Solutions
          ISA, PCI, USB, JTAG on chip emulators and development  
      tools for DSP based targets
          Target modules based on  various DSP devices
9     iDigi   www.idigi.com
          Instantaneous wireless M2M solution
          Complete hardware, software solutions and services
          Wireless architectural design services
10   Curtiss Wright Controls Embedded Computing (Canada)      
11    INNOVATIVE INTEGRATION  (USA)   www.innovative-dsp.com
           DSP - PCI, oPCI,  standalone,  Processor  and I/O boards and 
12   INTELLON  (USA)   www.intellon.com
        14.4 Mbps, 85Mbps and higher powerline based
  communication / networking devices and solutions.
13   MAXSTREAM  (USA)   www.maxstream.net
          2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum transceivers
          Complete industrialsed units with Antenna's
          OEM module form
          Small footprint Zigbee RF modules
14  PROTOKRAFT   www.protokraft.com
          Media Converters
15   SPECTRUM DIGITAL  (USA)    www.spectrumdigital.com
          PCMCIA, PCI, USB, JTAG on chip emulators and 
      development tools for DSP based targets
16   WEDC (USA)   www.whiteedc.com
          Dense Hi-Rel memory in small footprint packages
          Hi-Rel PCMCIA memory cards and Flash drives
          PowerPC module + L2 cache, SDRAM, SRAM, SDRAM+ Flash
          Dense Multichip modules
17   WIZNET  (Korea)   www.wiznet.co.kr
          Hardware embedded TCP/IP  devices and gateway modules
      for internet access or remote control.

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